Black-eyed Susan

BLACK-EYED SUSANS are thick all along the fence now in late June. We like them because you can see them so well from a distance. A nice mass of yellow in the yard and they almost glow when the sun shines on them in the late afternoon and early evening. [Mid-July note: The only drawback to these flowers is that the foliage starts looking gray and raggedy by July. We've been pulling them out by the "bale" and are thinking next year we'll let them come up, but yank them before they start to fade. The False Sunflowers give the same yellow glow, but their foliage holds up much better in the heat, so I think we'll favor the False Sunflowers and Cupflower in the future. (Plus, the Black-eyed Susans have prickly stems that make my forearms itch like crazy after handling the flowers.)]