Chameleon Plant

This CHAMELEON PLANT (Houttuynia Cordata) didn't do much all summer long, in spite of the warnings on many plant sites that it can be extremely invasive. Now, near the end of August, it's finally starting to establish itself in the little rock garden by the curb in the front yard, sending new shoots up via runners under the mulch. We have some moss rose and sedum planted in that bed as well, but we really wouldn't care if this Chameleon Plant took over since the moss rose is an annual and the sedum can easily be moved to one of the gardens in the backyard.

UPDATE: Two years after planting the Chameleon Plant, we've decided it is evil and invasive! Not only has it taken over this flowerbed, but it has crept out into the lawn and it doesn't matter how much we yank it our or how much we spray it with Round-up––back it comes to overrun anything else we try to plant here. It is rather attractive (in spite of the fact that it has an unpleasant smell when the leaves and stems are mashed) and if you wanted to fill a huge space with something that would completely take over, it might be great. Or maybe for a pot. But it is not for a flowerbed!!